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By dashastro, Apr 23 2017 09:03AM

Last night was our last evening observing sessions before our summer break, and we had mixed fortunes. firstly the euphoria of the big black clouds clearing as the sun set, followed by high cloud, that allowed views of Jupiter and its moons, the as night fell we could see Arcturus and Vega through the light cloud, but that is where the evening ground to a halt.around 9:00 pm by the time we packed up it was to late to open up the hall, so that treat still awaits us.

My thanks to Malcolm and Eileen, for bringing one of the clubs scopes, Irene, Nicky and Renate, Vic, Sheila, and new members Ian, along with Alison and Glen who bought there new scope for a bit of help and tuition.

We now look forward to a break from evening observing and a summer of Solar observing, so keep an eye on the website for latest news.

By dashastro, Mar 13 2017 07:43AM

After an introduction to event dates and future possibility plans by David ,Jim kicked off with what can be seen in the night sky during March/April.

This was followed by our speaker for the evening Bob Greef from Breckland Astronomical Society. His talk was "Globular Clusters" and for many of our members this was their first encounter. For the more experienced it was a gentle reminder of what could be seen in our dark skies. His talk was enthusiastically received by a large attendance and I think I can say that Bob has become a firm favourite of the membership!

David Gwynn.

By dashastro, Feb 15 2017 10:35PM

The evening was very well attended in spite of the absence of a few of our regulars. We had a number of guests from Halesworth Camera Club, to listen in particular to a talk on astrophotography from our member David Murton.

The evening began with an introduction to this month's astronomical sights from Jim. This was followed by a talk from Bill Barton, another of our members, giving a presentation about the work and accomplishments of George Biddell Airy Astronomer Royal from 1835-1881. This concluded with the obligatory tea/coffee break and catch up chats.

David Murton then delivered his talk, emphasising yet again that astrophotography need not require large amounts of funds. His photos on display just couldn't fail to impress and we are very lucky to have him as our lead astrophotographer! Our other member Chris Bailey is rapidly catching up so enabling a future double act?

Another very lively meeting with many positive comments from members valuing the contribution from our main speakers, Bill and David M.

David Gwynn.

By dashastro, Jan 29 2017 11:53AM

Friday 27th:

We had awful cloud conditions but we still managed a successful evening by giving a talk, short videos and a fine display of various telescopes, photography equipment and spectroscopy equipment, photos, magazines. Irene's biscuits went down a treat!

Saturday 28th:

This evening was very different with excellent observing out side where the public were able to see, planets, double stars, constellations, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies. An excellent variety of telescopes were in use. 8, 10 and 12 inch reflectors, two 9 1/4” inch catadioptrics, various 70 and 100mm refractors of differing sizes and binoculars. Inside activities were kept to minimum with short talks, tea breaks and a "children's table" run by Michelle and family. Irene's biscuits played a major role again this time with additional flavours. Lots of compliments were received from the public on both days regarding all aspects. I would say an overwhelming success. Well done to all those who were able to contribute.

Our friend Paul Webb kept a record of a few of the item on view, in no particular order were. M1, M35, M37, M31/32/110, double cluster, Eskimo nebula, M46 & embedded planetary nebula, M47, M42, NGC 2169 (IC37 as looks like the number 37), M36, M33, M81 & 82, Almach, Castor, Hyades, M45, Venus & Mars also M44, NGC 2683 & NGC 2841.


By dashastro, Jan 15 2017 10:42AM

Despite the dissapointment that our guest speaker Bob Greef had to cancel his visit, due to the bad weather in his location, we had another good meeting tonight! Thanks to all those who contributed! Huge range of subjects covered from size/distance in the universe, black holes/supermassive black holes and.......spectroscopy! It was also pointed out that it must be the only astronomical society that has more woman participating than men! Explain that away....is it the Brian Cox like character of the chair?

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