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By dashastro, May 28 2018 09:13PM

just a short note to confirm the DASH Astro AGM was held at Westleton Village hall on Sunday 27th May 2018.

the Chairman, David Gwynn gave a very glowing report on the societies activities over the 2017-2018 year. giving details of events and outreach oppotunities held throughtout the year, and promising no letup for 2018-2019

The Secretary, Jim Slight gave a short summary of the societies health with regards to membership and finances, noting that for an astronomical society based in a rural location we were doing better than most.

The Committee was returned unaposed for anothe year, and they are as posted on the website.

The evening was concluded with an interesting talk by Alison Chapman on the mythology behind the Sun. and a talk by David Gwynn on the Sun as a prelude to the coming Solar Observing Season

By dashastro, Nov 26 2017 10:39AM

A fun night was had by over 100 people that turned up to the National Trust -Dunwich Heath site to look at the stars and the moon.

a massive thanks to all those that helped on the night, and hope you had as much fun as the public.

also a massive thank you to the National Trust staff at Dunwich Heath for there help and for hosting the event.

By dashastro, Sep 17 2017 08:19PM

Dash Astro has had a very busy summer period with public solar events at NT Dunwich Heath, attending OASI’s anniversary events at Suffolk University as well as numerous school visits. The period has ended with two days at the Henham Steam Rally on the 16th and 17th September. The weather held back the observing opportunities but did not hold back a very productive and positive approach that involved Chris Bailey, Roy ( Vic) Anderson, Emily Challis, Linda Gwynn, Jim Slight and myself. The science involved with our observing was given prime position and consequently we have established contact with local people who have expressed interest in our activities. In the early days of our activities we were disadvantaged with display opportunities but we now feel that this has been rectified with our present displays on the boards. My grateful thanks to those who participated at these events.

By dashastro, May 28 2017 08:13PM

we have just had our first of the summer season solar observing sessions at Dunwich Beach. This had the added advantage of engaging our activities with the general public. I think I can safely say it was extremely successful in that every member of the public that looked at the Sun through our equipment had never done so before! This is the whole point of it.

The early rain very quickly passed and we were blessed with superb sunny weather. We are now probably entering a solar minimum but there is still plenty to see. Through the hydrogen alpha scopes we were still able to see prominences, filaments ,plages and faculae. Through Bill Barton's scope using his white light filter we had amazing detail of small Sun spots. We finished about 3pm largely because we were exhausted? Great day.....great company.

Grateful thanks to Lynn, Jim, Bill, Michelle and family, Vic and family and Irene who managed to keep us fed during the course of the afternoon!

David Gwynn

By dashastro, May 14 2017 12:14PM

Following a short AGM where the committee were re-elected for the coming year, tonight's presentation: Talk with ET? I think not!!!! given by Dr Steve Hubbard and Dr Malcolm Brown went down well with the members. It was both interesting and thought provoking and stimulated conversation well into the evening. Lynn, Emily and myself were still discussing the implications of the talk whist driving home well past 11pm! Also great to catch up with Annaliese this evening and hope she does join us again.

David, Lynn and Emily.

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