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By dashastro, Oct 27 2019 09:27AM

The DASH Astro Outreach Team have been busy. On the 23rd and 24th Oct we were at the National Trusts Sutton Hoo site for two evenings of talks and Family Stargazing.Unfortunately the events were dogged by bad weather. the Wednesday we had rain all night, but David kept the public enthrawled with his talks on the solar system, the universe and black holes. The Thursday night was a bit better, just cloud no rain.... again David did his talks this time to a smaller audience, but, just as we were packing up at about 8:30 the clouds started to clear, unfortunately some had already left, but we were able to give a few views of the heavens.

On Saturday 26th Oct the team were out in force again, this time an all-day Norwich Science Festival, at the Forum. A long and enjoyable day with the usual Astro science on display along with David M and his Astro Photography, and Dave Green and his 3D photos and Guinness Book, record winning Highest Paper Plane flight display and video.

A big thank you to all the team that turn out at there own expense to put on these events.

David Gwynn, Linda Gwynn, David Murton, Dave Green, Bill Barton, Roy Anderson, Emily Challis.

By dashastro, Sep 23 2019 03:11PM

Once again this year the DASH Astro Solar Outreach Team were out in force bringing solar Astronomy and Science to the visitors of the Henham Steam Rally.

With two days of nearly unbroken sunshine we had record visitors of all ages visit the stand and view the life giving star we call the Sun. As Well as the sun we had a couple of scopes pointing at an obligeing half moon, which also wowed young and old alike with views of creaters and the terminator.

Dave Mutron was on hand with his AstroPhotography display, while David Gwynn was kept busy delivering the science.

A special thank you to all who took part David Gwynn, David Murton, Bill Barton, Roy Anderson, Jim Slight and last but by no means least, Linda Gwynn Who looked after us all weekend.

By dashastro, Aug 4 2019 06:06AM

Darsham new Village Hall had its Grand Opening on Saturday along with a Village Fete on the adjacent grass field. DASH Astro's outreach team were there in support with the gazebo and solar scopes to show those attending views of our Sun. we had a great day meeting lots of villagers interested in coming along to our next meeting and observing sessions, despite the lack of sun shine to offer views. David was kept busy inside the hall with the display boards on all things Astronomical.

Well done to David and Linda, Malcolm, Roy and Debbie, who we hope may become a members soon.

By dashastro, Feb 21 2019 03:18PM

Yet another busy day for a small group of the DASH Astro Outreach Team, at the Suffolk Science Festival in Bury St. Edmunds. Wednesday was Physics day, and we were at the Apex Theatre, with our usual Spectroscopy display. Jim manned the spectrographs, giving visitors from 3 to 90 a glimpse of spectra from high pressure sodium and low energy lamps and even the full spectra of the sun ( while it was shining through the windows ) Linda was kept busy with "children's corner" with a steady stream of youngsters waiting to try and complete one of a number of solar system jigsaw puzzles. Dave Murton was on hand with his Astronomy Photography display which had numerous visitors speaking advice on how to capture images of "Super Moons". A welcome addition was Dave Green with his "How do we measure the Universe" demonstrations and 3D images of parts of the moon. David Gwynn was acting as catch all, with explanations of " Life, The Universe and anything else astronomical wth the aid of our other display boards. A great draw for the crowds was the 7m diameter illuminated model of the moon in the main auditorium, but they missed a trick by not having anyone giving commentary or guided tours showing Apollo landing sites and the new Chinese rover on the dark side of the moon.

All in all we had a great and very busy day, with lots of lessons learnt by the organisers for next year's event.

By dashastro, Jan 13 2019 10:28AM

Once again, the DASH Outreach team were out in force, on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th January 2019, to support the National Trust - Dunwich Heath, Suffolk, with two evening of Family Stargazing. We had Astronomy displays, Talks and children’s activities, as well as a few telescopes trying to find object in the ever thickening cloud on the Saturday evening… ( Friday complete cloud cover so no observing.)

For such an unpredictable weather forecast on both nights, we were pleased to welcome upward of 80 -100 people on Friday with 50 – 60 people on Saturday Evening.

Our thanks to the team, David and Linda Gwynn, Malcolm Pinder, David Murton, Bill Barton, David Green, Myles Kelly, Jeremy Startup, Richard Grueber, Anthony Cross, Roy Anderson, for their support on one or both nights. A special thank you to Heather Skipper, Ken Skipper and Anne Chapman for their sterling work with the Children’s activities, and Irene and Clive for the supply of boxes of Home baked Biscuits.

A special mention for Sue and the Team at Dunwich Heath, National Trust for hosting the events.

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