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ASOG - Walberswick Tuesday 9th Oct 2018

By dashastro, Oct 11 2018 10:37AM

The first ASOG meeting ( Alternative Social Observing Group )of the 2018 winter season took place last night at the dark sky site at Walberswick Suffolk. A total of 6 scopes of different types and sizes were in use ranging from an 80 mm Vixen Refractor, 8" STC, 8" Newtonion, 10",12" & 14" Dobsonians. which offered a verity of views that were shared by each other.

Using my 8" Newtonian on an EQ mount, the items on view starting just after sunset at 18:30 were Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, ( Venus had set before sunset ) as darkness descended the stars and constellations began to come into view. Despite a sense of high cloud and mist directly overhead Lyra was clearly visible, pointing the way to M57 the Ring Nebular being the first object captured. Then next door in the west M13 a Globular Cluster in Hercules. Down a bit from Cygnus to M27 the Dumbbell Nebular and back to the Double of Alberio clearly distinguished as a small blue-white star and a larger yellowy star.

The outer spirals of the Milky Way were now visible. The Erving continued with views of NGC 457 the Owl Cluster in Cassiopeia, back to Cygnus and with an O-III filter fitted just below the outer stars of the left wing we found part of the Vail Nebular. Not visible unless you use a UHC or O-III filter. Then round to the Bowl of Ursa Major ( the Plough or Great Bear ) for a look at M81 Bodes Galaxy and M82 the Cigar Galaxy both in the same Field of View. Then down to the other end of the handle to M51 the Whirlpool Galaxy. Back across the north to between Cassiopeia and Perseus to the great Double Cluster, better viewed in the finder scope or binoculars than the main eyepiece of the scope due to its size. Round a bit further to the western leg of Pegasus to M15 a Globular Cluster. Back to M31 Andromeda Galaxy with M32 and M110 all seen in the same Field of View. Then as a last bit of fun we each tried to Split the Double Double in Lyra. This only achieved with averted vision in the 14" Dob.....

Special thanks to Anne, Myles, Dave Green, David Gwynn and Geoff for making it a fun evening.

During the evening we were joined by a Photographer doing Time Laps photographs of the Night Sky over Walberswick. Check out the images on his Face Book page " Stopped Clock Imaging" and see the quality of our skies.....

Oct 11 2018 11:20AM by David Gwynn

A really good evening with a variety of scopes and good viewing. Great company as well. Thanks to DASH members who helped make this successful.

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