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Mullard Radio Observatory 29th September 2018

By dashastro, Sep 30 2018 11:27AM

On Saturday 29th September 2018 a few members of DASH Astro joined members of LYRA on a field trip to the Mullard Radio Observatory near Cambridge. It was a fascinating vist getting the chance to get up close and presonal to equipment on the forefront of Radio Astronomy research in the UK and collaborations from all over the world.

we were shown the Ryle Telescope Array, , new installations such as AMI Array and historical arrays such as the 4C Array and the sad site of the remnants of the array used by Jocelyn Bell's in her ground breaking research on Pulsars. the state of the site was explained by the fact that accademics consentrate on today's project, and look forwar to the future projects and have no iterest in redundant and out of date equipment. This was also born out by glimpses of control rooms where no one had entered ( apart from the odd technition looking to canabilise equipment for new projects) for many years.

our thanks to LYRA for organising the visit and the Technician Peter for his time and most enjoyable talk.

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