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Wednesday 12th Sept 2018. Southwold Golf Club.

By dashastro, Sep 13 2018 10:20AM

Southwold Golf Club. Mayors Fund Raiser

Another great night with the DASH Outreach Team spreading the gospel according to Astronomy.

Setting up at 6:00 pm under a cloudy sky, ( forecast says it will clear.... ) ready to entertain and enthral 60 + members of the public, with stunning views of the heavens.

While the skies cleared the assembled masses were treated to short talks on cosmology, constellation mythology and what they could expect to see in the night sky. As darkness fell the skies did start to clear allowing sneak views of A nice crescent moon, Saturn and Mars. As the heavy cloud gave way to thinner high cloud double stars such as Mizar and Alberio were on show. The skies began to clear and the Milky Way put on a show overhead, and views of M57 the Ring Nebular in Lyra, NGC 457 the Owl cluster in Cassiopeia, M81 & M82 Bodes Galaxy and the Cigar Galaxy in Ursa Major ( the Plough ) M31 the Andromeda Galaxy.

The crowds finally made their way home around 10:00pm suitably impressed and wowed by the views they had been treated to.

A special thanks to all who contributed their time. David & Linda Gwynn, David Murton, Roy Anderson, Alison & Glen Chapman.

Jim Slight DASH Secretary

image by Dave Murton

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