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By dashastro, Jul 28 2018 07:37AM

After weeks of virtually unbroken sunshine and clear nights, we had a day of sunshine through high cloud... Looking good, we set of 19:30 BST with some cloud to the South. Got to our event viewing site ( Dunwich Heath N.T.) set up the 8"Newt, to get Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in twilight, set my camera and tripod ready.... We had low cloud to the East over the North Sea so wouldn't get first moonrise. Then as the magic hour arrived, so did the first spots of rain, flashes of lightning and claps of thunder. A mad dash to pack the gear back into the car, with the help from some friends.... The 100 or so people that had joined us scattered to the wind.

A few if us remained in the vain hope we would get a break and make attempts at lightning shots, but as usual either to late or facing the wrong way. Thank goodness for digits cameras, all I need to do is delete blank shots. Well that's astronomy here on the east coast of the U.K.

I'll always have September 2015... :-)

By dashastro, Jul 16 2018 09:11AM

Sunday 15th July saw Dash Astro's first club Solar Observing of the year, like International SunDay we were made welcome at the Coast Guard Cottages at Dunwich Heath N.T. Site.

The Staff were very helpful and most managed to get a look at the Sun in Ha and White Light, as well as Venus ( in daylight ) through Bill Barton's new American 7" Smit Cas.

We also had a steady stream of general public interested in what we were looking at....

Once again the weather gods were on our side with a beautiful sunny day with only minor problems with some high cloud.

A special thanks to all that made the day a great success, David & Linda Gwynn, Roy Anderson, David Murton, Bill Barton and Irene and Clive for the Chocolate Sponge and medical assistance to David G who was badly bitten by something a lot smaller than him :-)

Not forgetting the Staff at Dunwich Heath & Beach National Trust site for all the help and support.

By dashastro, Jun 25 2018 08:37PM

Prepared for a cloudy day, the DASH Solar Team along with staff of the National Trust Dunwich Heath and Beach Site, set up ready to enthral the general public with views of our Sun through Ha Solar Scopes White Light Scopes, Back Projection, Live feed images to a laptop, plus a spectroscope setup to view the spectrum of the sun. We also had an activity Gazebo, for the younger visitors.

The weather was kind to us, with only thin high cloud to detract from what was to become a perfect day for observing. We had a steady stream of visitors to the scopes and Gazebos during the morning , but sadly the numbers tailed off around lunch time,,,,,,, no one factored in that England would be playing in the world Cup that day when the time and date for the event were picked at the start of the year. :-(

Our heart felt thanks goes to the staff of the National Trust, Dunwich Heath for all their help and support for the event, and a special thanks to the members of the team who gave their time freely to show the public the wonders of our nearby Star.

the image is of the team setting up ready for the day ahead.

By dashastro, May 28 2018 09:13PM

just a short note to confirm the DASH Astro AGM was held at Westleton Village hall on Sunday 27th May 2018.

the Chairman, David Gwynn gave a very glowing report on the societies activities over the 2017-2018 year. giving details of events and outreach oppotunities held throughtout the year, and promising no letup for 2018-2019

The Secretary, Jim Slight gave a short summary of the societies health with regards to membership and finances, noting that for an astronomical society based in a rural location we were doing better than most.

The Committee was returned unaposed for anothe year, and they are as posted on the website.

The evening was concluded with an interesting talk by Alison Chapman on the mythology behind the Sun. and a talk by David Gwynn on the Sun as a prelude to the coming Solar Observing Season

By dashastro, Nov 26 2017 10:39AM

A fun night was had by over 100 people that turned up to the National Trust -Dunwich Heath site to look at the stars and the moon.

a massive thanks to all those that helped on the night, and hope you had as much fun as the public.

also a massive thank you to the National Trust staff at Dunwich Heath for there help and for hosting the event.

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