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Meet the 2016-2017 DASH Committee


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David is a retired science teacher and a former member of the Royal Engineers.  

He became the Chairman of DASH in January 2014 .  

David's astronomical interests lie in Deep Space objects and, more recently, solar observing.

Inspiring the next generation

Malcolm is an organic produce farmer and the proud owner of an observatory which he built from scratch in 2013.  

Malcolm and his wife Eileen are founder members of DASH, and Malcolm has held the position of treasurer since DASH was formed in June 2013.  

Malcolm is a keen observational astronomer and has a wealth of knowledge on viewing techniques and equipment.


David is  a member of the DASH Committee, with the lead in Astrophotography. He is also active member of the local astronomy community.

He is the Chairman of our fellow astronomy society OASI and has agreed to become our astrophotography lead since June 2014.

David is a developing astrophotographer, having taught himself the skills required to capture the night sky.


Malcolm Pinder


David Gwynn

Astrophotography Lead

David Murton



Jim Slight

Jim is a retired engineer and has only recently come to astronomy, as time became available.

Jim joined the society in 2014 .

Jims main interests are in Faint Fuzzies, and Solar observing.



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Committee Member

Linda Gwynn


I am a retired Science Technician, and have been retired for 6 years now. I have always been interested in Astronomy but have become more involved with my hobby since having more free time.


I have my own telescope a Williams Optics 71mm refractor, and I often get involved with outreach alongside other members of DASH Astro.


I have just finished a Future learn Course with the Open University which are free, and hope to do more.